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What must I remember when filing an online petition?


A petition must be submitted in writing. It must contain the names and address of the petitioner. If you file a petition as a representative of another person, you should also give their personal data. A power of attorney must also be attached. Describe your concern. What do you want to achieve? If you have any documents that may help to explain the facts more clearly or which are important for the matter, you should also send these. If you submit an online petition - which, contrary to the above, does not require a written signature - you will receive a confirmation e-mail in the e-mail post box at the e-mail address given by you. This e-mail contains an attachment with a summary of the data you provided. There is also a link to activate the petition. If you click on this link, you confirm that you are the person that would like to submit this petition. The link can be used once only expires after 30 days. The petition is then sent to the Petition Committee at the State Parliament of Hesse for processing

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